80’s Make up

This past weekend I went to an 80’s themed fundraiser. I did not go crazy on my outfit so I had to do something special with my make-up. I literally googled 80’s makeup. I would say the key to copying any make up picture is to start with an outline. My first step was the eyeliner, since it extended so much further than I normally would have done I wanted everything else to follow that line. Than I filled in with the eyeshadow and again copied the picture for placement. Then the mascara, my favorite part, I use Rimmel Scandaleyes in the lime green color. This mascara allows you to keep building on your mascara and double the length of your lashes. The final step to my 80’s transformation was the thicker eyebrow. However, I liked the look of the thicker eyebrow so much that now I pencil in everyday and use Wet n’Wild brow pencil with eyebrow brush.

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