Here comes FALL

If you are anything like me you are sad to see summer go but so excited for Fall. One of my favorite things about the change in seasons is the ushering in of new fashion. The end is here for your crop tops ladies. Instead there is a whole line up of trends for the Fall season and I’m so excited to share them with you. There are five main trends that I have been able to decipher from all my favorite websites.

Lets start with the DETAILED SWEATER. You will find a million variations of this but it is such a great way to make a boring sweater come to life. Some of the details i have seen are open backs, ties woven into the arms, ruffles, uneven hem lines,  patterned and distressed fabric.

VELVET. I know many of you voiced your opinion that this was not your favorite trend so for you I am sorry to say that this isn’t going away. Velvet is shown in everything from dresses, tops, shoes and accessories. Most of the time it is shown in these rich jewel tones but I did see a few softer colors like blush pink or pale blue. Velvet can look cheap so it is important to look for pieces that are high quality.

METALLIC. So feminine and beautiful. Metallic can be a hot little chain mail bralette or a gorgeous slip dress. One of the things I love about this trend is it can be worn in a small way but still make a big impact. I have also seen something like a gold slip dress worn with a more masculine leather jacket. Its important to wear a trend how you are comfortable wearing it and to always have fun!

BLAZERS. You will see this trend mixed in with all the rest. As you can already see from my post with the metallic and velvet blazers. I have so many blazers from my retail days when you had to be in a jacket in order to be considered “in dress code”.  Things seem to be much more relaxed now a days, I think at Saks you can even wear jeans! It is always smart to find a blazer that fits you properly. There is definitely the relaxed fitting blazer but you still want to make sure that the shoulder seems are in the appropriate place and if it is supposed to be a fitted blazer that it isn’t pulling open when you close it.


BELL BOTTOMS/RUFFLE PANTS. This trend is a little bit of a carry over from the spring/summer. I did purchase a pair of bell bottom jeans because I love how they make you look smaller than you really are (only if you are tall enough to pull them off) Bell bottoms on anyone below 5’5″ is not going to work. The Ruffle pants on the other hand I have not been able to wrap my mind around but none the less they are a trend therefore I feel obligated to bring them up.

And there you have it folks. As always choose items that are unique to your own personal style. Not every trend is right for everybody. All images/clothing pictured can be found at Intermix Online. These are not my normal low priced items so be forewarned. As I start purchasing my own fall wardrobe I will start to let you know where you can find these fashion pieces at great prices.

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  1. These looks have me so excited for Fall!


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