Good Will- What can you really get there?


To most of you shopping at GoodWill sounds great in theory but then you get there and its over-whelming or you just don’t know where to start. First of all, there are only a few things you should ever look for at GoodWill: Belts, Blazers, Pencil Skirts, and an ugly X-mas sweater to wear to your holiday theme parties. Lets start with belts – there is always a huge belt rack, typically by the door. I would advise to stay away from anything plastic. I like the elastic belts with large buckles mostly from the 80’s. They are great to put over a voluminous dress, add-on top of a pencil skirt, or wear with high-waisted pants. **You do not want to purchase a belt that looks like it came from GoodWill. Find something that is still good quality, in good shape, and worth the purchase. Next, pencil skirts, these are great to find at GoodWill because  in years past women wore more suiting to work so there is quite a bit to choose from. You want to find something simple, well-tailored, and in a good quality fabric. Do not buy anything with stains on it. If they weren’t able to get it out before it came to GoodWill then most likely you aren’t going to get it out now. And lastly, Blazers. This could be your most time-consuming venture. There are hundreds of different styles, makes, sizes, fabrics. I try to find something that will work with a lot of other items in my wardrobe, so I try to stick to neutral colors or solids. You want to make sure the lining is still good, buttons are still attached, and again the fabric does not have any stains. On a side note and hopefully you already know this, stay away from shoes, any type of bedding, and lingerie (with the exception of a slip).f you are lucky you might find a hidden treasure. In my searches I have found a Missoni suit, Chanel purse, and 70’s Jumpsuit.

**Side note you have to be someone who likes searching through clothes and trying things on in the store. These are key to finding great things. Good Luck

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