Favorite Online Retailers

Online shopping has become my new norm. I love filling up my basket with every item I want to own, which literally could be 20 things in one sitting. Then I go through my basket and filter out the things that aren’t really practical or too expensive. So in the end I’m left with 5-10 things that I am dying to have. Once the reality sets in twenty minutes later that I can’t afford 5-10 things, I choose my one favorite, have to have, would die without item and buy it. I can’t be the only person that does this right? Am I totally crazy?

So…..what is my favorite online Retailers?



What I love about this website is they have items at every price point. You can get a dress for $50 or a fur vest for $500. Some of my favorite bloggers are constantly tagging this online retailer to their “outfit of the day”.  They have every style of clothing you can think of: bohemian, posh, sexy, grunge… You can get everything from coats to shoes to accessories. 90% of the products I have ordered are excellent quality. This website does carry some name brand contemporary designers: Parker, Lover + Friends, Diane Von Furstenberg, Free People, Alice + Olivia, etc



I’m thinking the only reason they call it this is because they sell some provocative lingerie. But they have some amazing clothes as well. The price points are not high, maybe the most expensive thing I have seen is a pair of shoes for $300 or a beaded dress for the same price. I love that at the bottom of the screen they show you all of the items that you have previously viewed, so in case you do decide you want something you don’t have to scroll through a dozen pages to find it again. They also give you suggestions of some other items that are similar to what you clicked on. Normally they are spot on. The quality of product is really based on what you are paying. The $300 shoes yes great quality, the $20 bodysuit maybe you could wear two seasons…so take that for what it is worth.



Very similar to NastyGal without all of the over the top lingerie.  Price points from $20 – $88. Great place for summer dresses and rompers. Also, amazing bridesmaid dress options, cocktail dresses, and pretty much any other dress you are looking for. Not that I need a bridesmaid dress but where the F*%# was this website when I was getting married. I also have found some great accessories, such as belts, earrings, and scarves.




If you are looking for something specific this website is such a great tool. For example: you want to look for ruffle tops. A million images pop up of ruffle tops (You know I don’t have to tell you). 90% of the time if you click on the picture it will take you to an actual website that you can order from. Don’t under utilize this website. Its also a great tool if you have seen an image somewhere but can’t seem to find it. Most social media is connected so its likely that the same image you saw on Facebook will pop up on Pinterest.

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