Summer Staples

As many clothes as I know we all have in our closet, with every change of season you can’t help but want to buy a few new pieces.  Some times its  the latest trend item or maybe you need to refresh an item you have worn to death, whatever it is its always exciting to add something new. I wanted to share with you some of the “summer staples” I found at Forever21. I know not another item from Forever21 but I’m telling you, for these few items i’m about to show you, you really don’t need to spend a lot of money. And as always I am pretty amazing at finding some really great quality items there, if I do say so myself (wink, wink)


Let’s start with the shoes. I needed a major update on my brown sandal  selection.  Some key notes about these two shoes are: both are extremely comfortable. (Note: i’m used to wearing a heel so these are comfortable if you are as well). For the darker brown sandal I loved that these had a chunkier heel. This is especially great for when you are at the beach and walking on uneven pavement or sand. I loved the braid detail and just the one band across the foot. The other sandal is a great nude color and then I loved the transparent straps across the toe and ankle. This really allows you to wear this shoe with ANYTHING.

The next item is the classic white jean shorts. Some things I loved about these are they are high-waisted, the button fly and I liked that they came down a little bit longer in the back. This gives a little bit more coverage in the tushy. The other great thing about them is they have spandex in them so they are super soft and have a good amount of stretch.

Lastly, are the two bags. I loved this super fun straw clutch. I just thought it had such a summer vibe. I loved the pom pom details and the hints of gold running through it. This really can be dressed up or down. I wore it a couple of weekends ago with high-waisted jeans and a body suit but easily can be worn dressy as well. The second little bag, is a more structured straw bag and just adorable for an added statement piece.

Jean ShortsPom Pom Clutch  /  Braided SandalTransparent Sandal 

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