I really hate to share this secret but i feel obligated to tell you about this amazing website that was shown to me, Aliexpress. It is a wholesale website that you can pretty much purchase anything from (kind of like Amazon). Of course, I specifically go on it to look for shoes and clothing. Be warned there is a TON of junk but there is also some AMAZING finds. For example, this cotton off the shoulder top I found for $12.99. That is right $12.99!!! It came exactly as pictured. The only catch is most items are shipping from China so the turn around time can be any where from 12-21 business days for items to ship. Now I will tell you the key to all of this is looking at the customer reviews.You need to look for a few things:

  1. How many people have reviewed the item: You want at least 1,000 reviews.
  2. What was the overall rating: You want this to be five stars
  3. Look through the reviews for customer pictures of the product once they received it
  4. Check out the actual reviews to see what people said (i.e the fit, the length, the quality)

This website also carries designer product – but the name brand will never be pictured in the actual product information you will only see the designer label in the customer reviews. You need to know what you are looking for and then type it into the search field. For example: Do you love the Valentino rock stud sandals. Search nude gladiator sandal with studs. Good Luck

If you like the top that is pictured, click on the word top to go directly to item.

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