Lash Boost


Get lush, longer-looking lashes in just four weeks with Rodan and Fields ENHANCEMENTS Lash Boost™. This nightly eyelash-conditioning serum features a unique proprietary formula that improves the appearance of lash volume and length for lashes that are 100% real, 100% yours. In weeks, you’ll be wondering if you need mascara at all. Available starting November 2nd.

How to use this product:

Lash Boost should be used nightly along the upper lash line. Follow these steps:

  1. Wash your face before applying Lash Boost. Eyes should be completely clean and dry. Do not use any leave-on products underneath Lash Boost, including eye cream.
  2. Apply Lash Boost along the upper lash line of your left and right eyes. Dip the brush in the product only once per eye and wipe off any excess product from the brush before applying.
  3. Product should only be on the lash line. Gently wipe off any excess product from your eyelid or lashes.
  4. Wait approximately 90 seconds until product has dried before going to sleep or applying additional products around the eye area. Do not wash your face or eyes after applying.
  5. If you get product in your eye, rinse with water. For some, a mild tingling sensation may occur upon application. It should improve within a few minutes and disappear completely with continuous use. Discontinue use if tingling, irritation and/or redness persists.
  6. Continue to use nightly after desired results are achieved to maintain lash condition.

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