There aren’t too many things that are as luxurious as velvet, and the ’90’s brought us loads of it in the crushed variety.  Crushed velvet in particular is produced by pressing the fabric down in different directions, thus making the fabric very lustrous. This fall season many, if not most, retailers and online outlets are featuring crushed velvet. I happen to be a fan and can’t wait to add one or two pieces of this fabric to my wardrobe. If wearing an entire crushed velvet dress, as pictured above, is too overwhelming try a simple shoe or a clutch. I absolutely love the two piece ensemble in this beautiful teal color. The twisted knot top adds some detail but the skirt keeps it clean and simple. Normally velvet does not have any stretch in it so look for peices that have a little spandex. This will give whatever you choose to buy a better fit.

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