The Many Ways to Wear a Leather Jacket

As fall approaches one of the staples in your wardrobe should be a great black leather jacket. Contrary to what you may believe this jacket can be extremely versatile. Let’s start by talking about the fit. Look for a jacket that is comfortable in the arms. What does that mean? You want to be able to bend your arms without feeling like the jacket is too tight and cutting off circulation. You should be able to zip up your leather jacket, so make sure that it doesn’t pull across the chest. It’s up to you how closely to the body you want the jacket to fit. I like things a little bit more fitted, so I would look for a jacket that tapers in at the waist line. If you don’t want a close fit look for something that is more of a square shape “boxier”.  Also, think about what you will wear under it. If you plan on wearing a sweater then make sure you are leaving enough room in the arms for the extra bulk. A couple of other things to decide are how much embellishment do you want (Zippers, snaps, a belt). For the most versatile jacket look for something that doesn’t have too many bells and whistles.  Now that you have the right fitting jacket let’s talk about how you can wear it. The obvious look would be with a great blouse or t-shirt, a good pair of jeans and some heels or booties. The second look would be over a dress. This might not seem typical but what a great edge this gives any dress or skirt ensemble, instead of a typical cardigan or blazer. For example, the bottom left picture; she is wearing a cocktail dress,  heels, and then threw on this leather jacket. She still looks dressy but added a youthful on trend edge to her look.You can tell her jacket is fitted to the body, which tends to be dressier.

Here is a list of some of my favorite leather jackets this season:

  1. Free People ‘SoHo’ Moto Jacket
  2. Rebecca Taylor Garment washed Leather Jacket
  3. H&M Biker Jacket
  4. JCrew Collection Leather Moto Jacket
  5. Zara Leather Jacket with Zips

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