Are you a Maxxinista?

First of all did you know that this term is actually in the Urban Dictionary! It states a Maxxinista is a  person who shops at the discount designer department store TJ Maxx. One who finds unique and original designer items at discount prices. Some individuals are obsessed with the store and even know what days they have new merchandise arriving.

“A real Maxxinista finds and quickly aquires beautiful clothing and accessories to wear to the party that she is hosting with uniquely delicious recipes served in beautiful dishes purchased from TJ Maxx. She impresses all of her friends, little do they know how little she spent”
Well if you have ever meet me you know that 1) TJMaxx might be my favorite store of ALL TIME  and 2) I am amazing at finding great products there. So to help you become an incredible Maxxinista and to encourage you to not count out this retailer I have gathered some of my latest finds. Enjoy!

All of these can be found on Have you ever been on their website? You do not know what you are missing!!!  Click below for link to each item.

Rebecca Taylor Pink off the shoulder Dress

Time Stops Lace Top

J Brand Skinny Distressed Jeans

Derek Lam White Lace Skirt

Nanette Lepore Bathing Suit

Lace up Leather Espadrilles

Gucci Wallet

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