Top 4 Children’s Vendors


I just recently discovered this vendor and it is pretty amazing! Each item has such a uniqueness about it. I haven’t seen anything else like it. This vendor is a little bit more expensive then the other vendors listed below but you will see why. One thing I love about the company is they select true artisans for their embroidery and embellishments. They also care about the environment and are very conscientious about packaging and waste and have a strict policy of zero-tolerance towards abuse and maltreatment of animals (they don’t use real fur, etc) Be careful if you have a girl you will literally will want everything on the website!


This is an Amazon vendor that sells great quality t-shirts, dresses, and outfit sets for both girls and boys. I have mainly bought the girls clothes. It very much reminds me of Mini Boden but significantly cheaper. T-shirts will run you $8, Dresses $13 and outfit sets $12 and up. Totally adorable. They are known for these animals appliques.


A target brand that has significantly elevated their children’s selection. The clothes are a little bit more expensive then what you would typically find at Target but well worth it. For Toddlers and younger you can find some great dresses, matching sets, and adorable accessories. For young girls they have great t-shirts, dresses, leggings, separates. They also do shoes! The clothes are bright, colorful and fun. Prices are anywhere from $8 for a t-shirt to $18.99 for toddler shoes.


By far one of my favorite stores in general but their kids clothes are also on point. Not only are they totally different and unique they are super fun. You really can’t find anything else like it. This is also a great resource for children’s shoes. Something different, again, then you would find at typical children’s clothing stores. Price points range from $12 for shirt to $30 for a dress or shoes. I love how they follow whatever trend is happening in the adult world but in small sizes. So cute!

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