Don’t be afraid of Color

Are you the girl that looks in her closet and it is a sea of black, grey and white. Yes, black is slimming, yes its easy to grab and go, and yes it goes with everything but bring some happiness into that closet of yours! Color is fun, fabulous, and brings happiness to others. You can start out small by adding a great statement earring to your all black ensemble or a wrist of colorful bracelets or maybe even a  colored shoe. Guess what I bet you will get a million compliments on the one colorful thing that you are wearing!

Color can be a little scary for most people. Questions run through your mind like: does this go together? is this too bright? how can I make this work?. Well guess what I am here to help you. Start with a great layering piece like a jacket, cardigan or sweater.  You can still wear your all black but adding one of these will give you a completely different look. It will bring color up towards your face. Having warm colors by your face makes your cheeks rosy, brings light to your eyes, and gives you a glow. Think about it..what is black doing for your complexion, certainly not making your cheeks rosy?!

Once you are comfortable with your one layering piece try moving on to an underpinning. For example, you now have a pink jacket, find a top or blouse with a pattern that matches or you can keep it monochromatic and find a similar shade to wear under it. You’re still wearing those slimming black pants but have added a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Taking it a step further try a colorful pant. Start out with your black, grey or white on top and just add color with a pant or skirt. Colorful pants do not make you look bigger…I know that is what you are thinking! As long you are wearing the shape of pant that is most flattering on you, you are good to go (maybe this will be a future post).

colorful pants

And when you have finally conquered your fear of color, the world is your oyster! Please feel free to send me a message me with any questions. And as always have fun!


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  1. Crystal says:

    I was definitely going to use those yellow earrings in a set last night. They’re so cute!


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