Closet Revival

This post is dedicated to those of you who have a packed closet but always feel like you have nothing to wear. Those of you that feel like every season you have to start over purchasing an entire wardrobe. I am here to give you a few tips to help you figure out what you already have and easily help you pin point what you need new for the season.

Step 1: Identify what the trends are for the season, normally there are a minimum of five. For example this season Fall 18-19: leopard, booties, over-sized sweaters, velvet, tweed and plaid just to name a few.

Step 2: Go through each item in your closet and pull out anything that matches these trends. For example, I pulled out this plaid/leopard Dolce blazer that I have had for 10 years. It checks two of the trend boxes (the inside lining is leopard). I had originally worn it as a suit with matching skirt. But in order to update it, I paired it with some ripped jeans and my new sock booties. The blazer takes on an entirely different look.


Step 3: Start putting outfits together. You might have a tweed skirt or jacket. Update the skirt by pairing it with an oversized sweater or the tweed jacket with leather leggings. When you start to find you have a peice of the outfit missing: like no booties or over the knee boots to wear with the skirt, write it down on a sheet of paper. Keep adding to the list as you try on clothes.

Step 4: Make sure you are trying everything on. You might have items that just need a simple alteration to make it perfect. Maybe your skirt was a midi length and you need something shorter. Don’t go out and buy something new, take it to be hemmed. Tailoring can change the entire shape and fit of an item.

Step 5: Once you have pulled your trends,  tried your clothes on and made your list; it’s time to narrow down what you need. A few things to think about: 1. Will the item go with multiple outfits 2. Will I definitely wear it (not all trends are for everyone, pick the ones that go with your personal style) and 3. Is it something that will last a few seasons. For number 3, this is where you can decide how much you are willing to spend. If it’s super trendy and you might not wear it often spend less. If it’s a classic over the knee black boot, maybe spend more on something that will last.

I hope this was helpful. This is exactly what I do at the beginning  of Spring and Fall. As always happy shopping and please feel free to ask me any questions!!!

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