Amazon Shopping

Ever since I received my first Amazon gift card from a family member at Christmas, I have undeniably been hooked!! Since I pride myself on being able to find the “look for less”, Amazon gives me millions of options to sort through and allows me to  find the best products at the lowest prices. This is one reason why I was so anxious to get my own Amazon Page. I love sharing with others what I have found but now I can do it in one convenient location. I have created four categories to shop from: 

  1. Summer Finds: This is everything from a great pair of sandals to a sundress, to just about any accessory you would need to complete your summer wardrobe.
  2. My Cosmetic Must Haves: These are all the current cosmetic products I am using and swear by. If you read the notes that I have put with each product you will see how I use it and why I love it.
  3. Designer Dupes: I mean you can’t get better than this. This is designer looking product at extremely low prices.
  4. Featured on @Always_Andi: these a products that I have shown on my Instagram

I am pretty meticulous about what I put on my Amazon Page.  I have either purchased it myself and can verify that it is a quality item, I have researched it and checked reviews, or I have seen it on someone else. Another thing, is most items are available for Amazon Prime. I don’t know about you but I am so used to receiving items in one to two days, that when I have to wait longer it feels like an eternity! And lastly, everything is returnable. 

So if you are not following me on instagram @always_andi then I thought I would share with you a few of the items that are featured. You can click on both Amazon Page links above to go directly to my page. Happy Shopping!




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