Lounge Wear

I really have never been the girl to wear nice pajamas to bed. My nighttime attire is really a hodgepodge of old tank tops, long sleeve shirts and pj pants. Nothing really matches, there may or may not be some holes, and there definitely was nothing cute. Well all of that has changed. I got one matching set off Amazon and my pajama quest started. I have looked and shopped long and hard for super cute pieces you can where separately, as a set, to bed or just around the house. Why not be cute at night as well right? Don’t worry you don’t have to loose comfort or coziness just cause its nice. I 100% need full comfort when I’m home!!

For me “the Set” is the best. It is less to think about, you know the pieces match, you basically have a full outfit.

  1. Hot pink off the shoulder top and shorts- from Nasty Gal
  2. Stripped Cream and Oatmeal long sleeve top and shorts – from Nasty Gal
  3. Lemon tank and shorts – Forever 21
  4. Pink long sleeve top and joggers – from Nasty Gal
  5. Navy stripped long sleeve top with pocket and pants – Amazon
  6. Short sleeve button down and shorts – Nordstrom
  7. Pink tank and matching shorts – Nordstrom
  8. Purple long sleeve button down and shorts – Saks Off Fifth

The Next thing is just some great staples that you can really mix or match with anything that you already have. Some of my favorite bloggers have these items and always look so cute!!

  1. Yellow distressed joggers – Revolve
  2. Grey Star Hoodie – Revolve
  3. Grey long sleeve top (has matching shorts but this is just for the top- ASOS
  4. White over-sized sweatshirt (also has matching pants) – ASOS


The bottom line is you feel better about yourself when you look cute. You can deny that all you want but you know its true. Add just a few nice pieces to your pajama assortment and I’m sure you will be hooked  like me.

As always happy shopping. xo

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