Spring Essentials

Starting with my favorite accessory….shoes!! A girl can never have too many shoes right?! Just like last spring the wedge is a must have. A step up from the flip-flop, the wedge finishes off any look. For those that can’t really wear a heel this is the perfect alternative for your skirts and dresses. Everything in this post can be found and ordered from my Amazon Page. Just find the Spring Essentials Idea List.


This next spring essential is one of my favorite accessory trends. This trend is truly affordable for everyone. It’s the straw/crocheted handbag. I love a couple of things about these bags. One is that they are in a neutral color so they go with everything. Two, they can very easily be dressed up or down and three, they are so many great variations.


My favorite thing  to purchase, wear, buy, suggest to other people is the statement earring. They are so inexpensive and can literally transform your outfit. There are a million shapes, colors, styles to choose from. This is one essential that you can really have fun with. Again, everything is linked on my Amazon page.


The next and last item is the white dress. The greatest thing about a white dress is there is SO MUCH you can do with it. The possibilities are endless. Add a statement earring for a pop of color or a great colored clutch. You can wear a flat shoe to make it more casual or a high heel to dress it up. Any of the wedges, bags or earrings I showed would be perfect with any of the dresses below.

As a side note, I am exclusively showing white dresses from Reddress Boutique. Since I didn’t personally order white dresses from Amazon the quality would be too hit or miss for me to tell you to go buy from there. Reddress only has great quality merchandise at great prices and I 100% would stand behind anything you purchase from them.

Hope you enjoyed and as always, Happy Shopping!!

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