There have been so many fun trends this summer, one of them being neon. You can find this trend in just about anything: shoes, bags, clothes and accessories. The key is to make sure you aren’t dressed like you are going to an 80’s party. I find that it is best to pick one maybe two items and keep everything else pretty neutral. For example, you can pair your neon pink shoe with light denim jeans and a simple white T or body suit. If you wanted to incorporate a matching bag that is fine but you wouldn’t want to add a neon pink earring along with those two…..see where I am going with this. Part of this trend incorporates another one of my favorite trends which is the transparent strap. You will see these two trends mixed together quite often.

All of the items featured can be found on my Amazon page by clicking here. Go to the idea list “Neon” and shop away! As a side note I always add to these list so there is always new things to see.

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