Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

I was a little hesitant to chime in on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. For one, I’m not at all in the mindset to look at fall apparel, boots and coats. And secondly, I felt like most of the items were still really expensive. Which we all know is not my jam. But….I went online today and they actually had some great staple items, boots and accessories that were under or right around $100. Besides clothing they also did what they called a “Beauty Exclusive”. These are bundles of items that are sold for less than they actually would be if they stood alone. I found I few that were great deals! So I felt the need to at least share those with you. I also choose items that were still fully in stock or had multiple sizes left. Everything will be linked back to my page (which you can click here or at the end) to easily shop.

Sweaters and Tops

Jeans and Pants

Nighttime Wear or Basics

Boots and Booties

Beauty and Accessories

Click here for links back to any of these items.

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