A Must Have


Most of you might already have this little number but if you don’t I strongly recommend getting it. I received it as a Christmas gift and it might have stayed in my make-up drawer way longer than I care to admit. Obviously I ran across it one day and started using it, now I use it for numerous things. It is like a one stop shop for makeup. It is the Urban Decay Basics (I’m sure there are many version’s out there but this one was relatively inexpensive at $29.00 (click on link to purchase)

The first color Venus: I use as a highlighter under my brows and on my cheek bones. Because it has shimmer a little goes a long way. I use a smaller brush for under my brows  and then for highlighting my cheeks I use my finger.

The second color Foxy: I use at the corner of the eyes. This brightens up your eyes and makes them look bigger. (I also use W. O.S in the corner of my eyes)

The light brown color Faint: I have been using lately instead of my pencil for filling in my eyebrows. It also can be used for contouring  your nose or as eyeshadow. Great light brown color. (Naked 2 can be used if your eyebrows are a lighter shade)

The black color Crave: I use for eyeliner or for eye shadow, if doing a smokey look. When doing the crease of your eyes with a darker color use a smaller brush than your typical eyeshadow brush so you can be more precise.


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  1. bhavi89 says:

    Great post. This basic palette looks amazing. If you are free, would be great if you could check out my blog on http://www.beautypuzzled.wordpress.com x


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