Quintessential Black and White

In The Spotlight: Black & White

There is nothing more classic than black and white. To some it might remind you of Chanel, ringing of sophistication, but to me it means easy. I think you should always start with a great black pant (not cotton, this is not dressy enough for the office, a party, or a nice dinner). In case you missed the memo skinny leg pants are in and bootcut/bell bottoms are out. So find a skinny leg pant that fits you well. They don’t have to be super tight but there definitely should be no sagging in the tushy area. Find something that makes you comfortable, maybe a higher waist, a looser leg, or a side zip instead of a front closure. The next item to put on is your top. Here you can get creative. A simple, clean  white button down,  (I underline clean because you don’t want armpit stains, left over food stains, dirty cuffs or missing buttons), a fitted white t-shirt, a white silk blouse, or even a black and white print shirt. The possibilities are endless.  If you went with a white shirt of any kind, accessories are going to be essential. Put on a black and white leopard scarf, gold bangles, a string of pearls, a statement necklace (not all together, pick one thing). Something to give your outfit life.  Next are the shoes-if you can wear heels DO IT. They obviously make you taller, appear skinner, and add a level of sophistication to your outfit. Here you can go classic black or do a fun combo like I have.  Again, you will hear this over and over, the key to looking pulled together is wearing items that are in good condition and clean. Do not wear shoes that are missing the heel tap on the bottom, that are scuffed, or the fabric is wearing down. People notice your shoes and handbags. Those two things should be in good condition. Because it’s getting colder out why not add  a faux fur vest in black. The bottom line is black and white will always be a classic color combination, it never goes out of style, and is timeless. (Keep a close eye on worn black tops that have more of a grey tint, try to wear black that is still crisp)


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