Monochromatic Looks

MonochromaticIf you don’t follow Kim Kardashian, you should, just to follow her sense of style. She has become the queen of head to toe monochromatic looks (since dating and now marrying Kanye). Long past are her days of Herve Leger bandage dresses and juicy track suits.

This has always been one of my favorite ways to dress. There are only a few neutrals that you can do this with. I say neutrals because colors you should never wear monochromatic (imagine a person wearing all red, green or yellow: NOT A GOOD LOOK). Neutrals include: grey, black, cream, beige, and sometimes brown. My favorites are grey and cream. What makes this look easy to accomplish is that you are only working with one color and there is not much thought about if it matches or not. For example, today I have grey pants, grey shoes, and a grey fur vest. I could have worn a grey turtleneck or top and that would have been fine as well. You do not have to match your grey colors. Cream is also that simple and beautiful in the winter time. Please notice I said cream not white (stick with white in the summer and spring months). Pair a cream sweater with a pair of cream stacks and you will look pulled together (here I would not wear a cream shoe. Beige or nude would be best). Another example is the look Kim has been wearing; a cream turtleneck back to a cream fitted, high wasted skirt and beige shoes.

Black tends to be a little harder, although you wouldn’t think so. Yes you can wear head to toe black, but un-like grey you really want to make sure that the blacks are very similar (i.e. don’t wear a faded black t-shirt with new black pant). Also, with black unlike the other colors you want to keep casual black items together and dressy black items together. Again, for example, a pair of velvet-black pants you would not wear with a cotton black top. You would wear a lace top or silk top. You would want to pair your black cotton top with a pair of casual black pants, such as, leggings or cotton pants.

Try it for yourself and send me pictures of what you created. Good Luck!






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