topI am screaming to you…go get them now! I recently purchased a basic black top from Forever 21 for $5.80. When I tell you I have worn it almost every day I am not kidding. I literally grabbed it and added it onto my pile of clothes at check out without trying it on. I was like for $5.80 if I hate it I will wear it as pajamas.

It is the single best item I have purchased this season! Reasons Why:

  1. I have washed it 10x and it has not lost its color.
  2. The bottom longer so you can tuck it in to skirts and pants.
  3. It has elastic so it is fitted but has so much give.
  4. Its freaking $5.80 (hence buy 5 of them)
  5. It comes in nine colors.
  6. It is the best basic to have in your wardrobe to go under jackets, sweaters, as a layering piece, or just casual by its self.

I understand if Forever 21 is not your cup of tea, however, they have started a basics program that is really worth looking into. They have basic tanks for $2.50 or $3.50, t-shirts, skirts, leggings, etc. It basically is American Apparel at half the cost.

Follow the Forever 21 link to purchase on-line, it will take you right to the shirt. Free Shipping and I think for the next few days its Friends and Family so you get 20% off. (Ha! The shirt is practically free)


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