Fur – Love it or Hate it.


If I could afford real fur I would but unfortunately that kind of extravagance is not in my budget. So I look for the next best thing, a great faux fur. This season and last season fur has been a must have on most of the runways, especially the fur vest. There are so many great faux fur vests on the market right now. These are a couple of places that you can look (follow the link to take a peak)

  1.   TJMaxx
  2.   Forever 21 (one of the best fur coats I have seen)
  3.   H & M.
  4.   Sheinside.

A couple of things to keep in mind when purchasing a faux fur; the first should be that it doesn’t look like a faux fur. There are terrific synthetic fabrics on the market that mimic rabbit, fox, shearling, etc. If you are not familiar with what these skins look like it is worth it to take a look at the real thing so you have something to compare the faux to. There are definitely faux fur’s on the market that look like road kill. No one is going to look good wearing that! The second thing is make sure that the quality is still good. How is the inside finished? Are the closures in good working order? Does it shed? (you don’t want this) And lastly, try to purchase your faux fur in natural color tones. We know there isn’t a green rabbit so purchasing something like that will be a sure sign that you are wearing a faux.

Good luck in your search and share with me what you find!


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