Walked in for a toothbrush, Walked out with 3 pair of shoes.

bootsWhat could I possibly be talking about, Target, of course! I literally walked in to get a toothbrush this morning and walked out with two bags of stuff. Tell me this hasn’t happened to you?! Of course, the cosmetic aisle is right across from the shoe aisle so I had to take a look. And hence, my blog post begins.

I have wanted a new pair of Ugg boots since last year. Mine are completely ruined, stained and trashed. They don’t even make the light beige color anymore probably for this exact reason. So this year I was determined to get a new pair and go with the chestnut color. I told myself all summer I was going to splurge on the Ugg’s I had been wishing for. For some of you $250 for boots might not be a lot, but for me spending that much on a pair of boots seems crazy. Then I spotted them, knock-off Ugg boots for only $39.99. I ran over immediately to see if they had my size, they did, I bought them. I have to say the quality seems almost equal to that of your classic Ugg boots. I would say that the only difference is the faux suede on the outside seems a little bit nubbier than the real thing. I had seen a similar pair at Kohl’s but the sizing seemed off and the color was not as strong. Follow the Target link  to see what I am talking about. If you need a new pair of Ugg’s but don’t want to spend the money, this is a great alternative.

Target also started carrying a shoe line called Sam & Libby . Some of you might remember them from our childhood. Well they have totally updated their look. I found a pair of knee high suede boots for $32, they were on clearance but still originally they might have been $70. They look amazing. This is where you have to trust me. I have been working hands on for 11 years with designer shoes, I know good looking boots when I see them. Anyone would think that you got these from a luxury store. There was also a dressy black bootie that I found. Unfortunately, they did not have the link online.

If any of you purchase them, or go to  see them I would love to hear your feedback.

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