Raiding your Mom’s Closet



Now, this might be a little bit more difficult for you if your mom wears white turtlenecks and sweaters that match what Holiday season we are in. No offense but you probably aren’t going to find much in her closet that you are going to want to wear. However, if you have a Mom, Aunt, or Grandmother that is somewhat stylish (not a fashionista, although if she is awesome!) there are hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover.

There is no question, each and every time I go to visit my mom my sisters’ and I raid her closet of jewelry, clothing, and accessories. She is no fashionista but she has kept things from her days in the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s. I don’t know how but  there always seems to be something new each time we look in her closet that we missed before. Some great things to look for are belts, earrings, statement rings, tops, and shoes.

You have to remember fashion is cyclical. Everything comes back around. If your mom kept things in good condition, then 100% it will come back in style someday. A relatives closet is a great place to find a unique, special, and fabulous new item to wear. And if your relative is not your size but you find something amazing have it altered. For just a few dollars you could have a new blouse, instead of spending $60 at the store.



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